Fee Schedule

Specialised Skin Treatments

(Packages customised to treat chief concerns and optimise results, prices are based per session, reduced prices offered for packages of multiple treatments).
Chemical peels From $120
LED Light Therapy (Omnilux) – 1 session $100
LED Light Therapy (Omnilux) – 6 session package $500
LED Light Therapy (Omnilux) – 10 session package $960
Hydrofacial $200
Hydrofacial with Omnilux $250
Skin tightening with radiofrequency (Forma) $200
Micro-needling with Plasma Growth Factors $550
Micro-needling with Radiofrequency (Fractora) $550
IPL treatment for anti-ageing / pigmentation $250


Anti-wrinkle treatment (Neuromodulators)

Option 1       $15 per unit             with filler      $12 per unit

Option 2       $12 per unit             with filler      $9.60 per unit

Option 3       $5 per unit               with filler      $4 per unit

(Neuromodulators 20% off when combined with dermal filler at same appointment).

Dermal Fillers

(Packages available for volumizing face and lips, minimising facial lines and folds, hydrating the skin and anti-ageing. Consultation required to diagnose and formulate treatment plan).


Lip only treatment

0.5ml $299
1ml $499

All fillers (administered in one appointment)

0.5ml $299
1ml $499
2ml $899
4ml $1799


Dental Services

Tooth Whitening

Smartbleach 3LT Inhouse Tooth Whitening $675
Pola Take Home Tooth Whitening $420


Other Dental Services

Veneers from $319
Porcelain Crowns from $900
Fillings from $119
Gum Reshaping (Laser) from $169
Dental Implants from  $3500
Other Dental Services & Treatments POA


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