the computer assisted local anaesthesia system that offers a more relaxed experience.

CALAJECT™ for pain-free anaesthesia

Anaesthesia without discomfort is now an option – an option for which there is an increasing demand amongst patients and dentists. Using computer-controlled anaesthesia, you can now provide pain-free anaesthesia – and so treat greater numbers of nervous and timid patients.

CALAJECT™ injects the anaesthetic fluid slowly and in a controlled way, while at the same time registering the counter-pressure in the tissue. It provides a gentle and effective anaesthesia, which is experienced as free of any pain or discomfort.

Special sensors located in the device measure the amount of anaesthetic – it is always minimal and the patient does not feel it being administered.

CALAJECT perfectly controls the anaesthetic flow parameters to the setting chosen for the type of dental treatment. This protects against the pain caused by spreading tissues.

Gentle, painless anesthesia dramatically improves patient’s comfort during treatment.


Watch and see how CALAJECT works

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