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Plexr is one of the Plasma eyelid lift treatment, it is for Eye bag removal and Treatment for hooded eyes.

Plexr is neither a laser, nor a radio scalpel, nor a radio frequency device. It is a plasma generator. From the physical point of view, “Plasma” is defined as the fourth state of matter (in addition to solid, gaseous and liquid), and it can be thought as a “liquefied gas”, according to physicists. It is actually ionised gas, in which its ions are free to move, a highly volatile set of electrons and ions globally neutral.

The “ionised” term indicated that a significantly large population of electrons was torn by the respective atoms, creating an active radius of micro-plasma that, thanks to the electromagnetic potential difference between the device tip and the human tissue, “deconstructs” the components of epidermis (keratinocytes), sublimating them.

Sublimation is the physical term for the direct transition from the solid to the gaseous state. At the same time, there is also a bio-stimulation of the dermis, due to the selective and focused heat transfer during the impact of the micro-plasma beam on the affected tissue.

During treatments, a visible arc is formed, as a result of the sublimation process. A crust (much like a scab) on the treated area will then form and will fall in between 4-7 days, leaving no bruising or scarring, thanks to the phenomenal action of Plexr.

Now the safety of the treatment made with Plexr is immediately clear: it works on the epidermal layer and it does not pass the dermal layer. This allows treatment in so called “risk areas” such as the eyes.

There is no passage of electricity and no thermal damage uncontrollably as a laser does. For example, in case of periorbital rejuvenation treatments, there is no damage of the optic nerve, nor of the adjacent areas, thanks to the precise and focused action that plasma can safely provide – no leaking currents.



• Over 100,000 clinical studies and documentation
• Italian made, built and designed
• TGA registered, FDA and TUV approved
• Partner with the original plasma device (in operation for over 7 years)
• Work with 2 different handpieces for a concentrated, individualised treatment
• Built in microprocessor stabilises and guarantees correct plasma energy output
• 3-time aesthetic award winner in UK
• 1st time award winner in Poland (Perla award)


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